Frequently asked questions

What cuts of meat do I get?

You get any cut that is available in a steer. There is steak, roast, ribs and hamburger.

How many pounds of meat will I get?

It depends on how much the steer weighs. A typical 1/4 of meat is approximatley 200 pounds.

How long does it take to get my meat?

Once it is at the butcher it will be ready to be picked up in about 2 weeks.

What butcher do you use?

I use Pinckney Hill in Saranac

How do I pay you?

There is a $100 deposit to reserve your meat. I can send you an invoice or you can mail a check. Balance is due before you pick up your meat. I can send an invoice, you can mail a check or we can meet somewhere.

Do you ship meat?

Not yet but we are hoping to be able to do so soon!

Do you offer meat bundles or packaged by the pound?

We will be offering this starting in July and are so excited!!

Now taking orders for 1/4, 1/2 or whole steer for October!